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Delectable Harlem: the Best Restaurants in Harlem

February 9, 2017
Best Restaurants Harlem

Dining at Red Rooster – chic and delicious. Photo: Red Rooster

For over a century, Harlem has been a nexus of African-American culture – including its cuisine.  The diversity of fare in Harlem reflects the community’s mixed heritage. Over the years, Harlem residents have included African Americans from the Deep South, Caribbean immigrants, African transplants, and more recently, new arrivals from Europe, Mexico, and throughout the U.S.

Here is our guide to the delicious food and Best Restaurants in Harlem!

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Explore New York’s Black History and Culture

February 1, 2017
Harlem Renaissance

Harlem was a cultural haven during the Harlem Renaissance.

African Americans have always been an essential part of New York City. Though the first Black residents were brought to the city against their will, African Americans later streamed into NYC from all over the country (and the world) seeking a better life. Black New Yorkers have enhanced all aspects of the city’s history and culture, particularly its music, literature, cuisine, and visual and performing arts. Here are some ways to explore and experience New York’s Black History and Culture.

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Beautiful Bamberg: City of Beer

December 23, 2016
Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg’s Old Town Hall, just one of the highlights of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo: Jeff Dobbins

Bamberg offers many delights – a picturesque old town brimming with medieval and baroque architecture, fine museums, superb music, delicious cuisine…and great beer. Bamberg’s beer culture stems from its long history as a center for brewing exceptional beer. The city’s nine breweries, along with sixty breweries in the surrounding region, produce over fifty distinctive, high-quality beers. These breweries, along with traditional taverns, beer cellars, beer-themed tours and beer-soaked events, make Bamberg a haven for lovers of beer.

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Iceland in Winter: Explore the Land of Fire and Ice

December 8, 2016
Outside Reykjavik, Iceland

Winter wonderland – the gorgeous landscape outside Reykjavik. Photo: Jeff Dobbins

Iceland in winter. These words probably evoke images of an inhospitable, frozen tundra – hardly an ideal travel destination. But I explored Iceland in January and discovered winter can be a great time to visit the stunning nation. Winter weather is more temperate than most assume, and there are distinct advantages and delights to a winter holiday in Iceland.

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The Arts

Harlem’s Apollo Theater: Where Stars are Born and Music History is Made

November 30, 2016
Apollo Theater, Harlem, New York

The Apollo Theater marquis. Photo: Jeff Dobbins

The Apollo Theater – “Where Stars are Born and Legends are Made!”  That motto is no empty boast; the illustrious Harlem showplace is one of America’s most historic and important theaters. For more than eight decades the Apollo has showcased an astounding roster of African-American stars and launched many of their careers. Pioneers of jazz, swing, bebop, rhythm and blues, soul, funk, and hip-hop have played the Apollo. Performances on the Apollo stage have transformed American (and global) music and culture.

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